40% Of Deals And Sales Are Conducted In Data Rooms

Built-in tools and features of virtual data rooms empower your employees with automated processes, which means you can improve marketing performance, optimize buy signals, and send sales updates directly to your sales reps.

The Solution of Data Rooms for Deals and Sales Conducted

The rapid pace of deals and sales conducted with the virtual data room has reached a tipping point. The development of standards, technologies, and processes for digital identification has reached a level where digital identification systems have become or may soon become available on a global scale. These technologies include the following: a variety of biometric technologies; the almost ubiquitous availability of the Internet and mobile phones (including the rapid development and improvement of smartphones with video cameras, microphones, and other “smart” technologies); digital device identifiers and related information.

When carrying out commercial activities using the virtual data room, information arises, the popularity of which to other market participants can significantly reduce the profitability of this activity. In the activities of the state, information is generated, the disclosure of which can reduce the effectiveness of the policy pursued. Such information is closed, and the established mode of its use is designed to prevent the possibility of unauthorized acquaintance with it. In this case, the security object is the mode of access to information, and information security is the impossibility of violating this mode. An example is information and telecommunication systems and communication facilities. 

The main object of conducting deals and sales with the VDR in them is the mode of access to secret information. Information security of such systems lies in the protection of this information from unauthorized access, destruction, modification, and other actions. It also means you can provide excellent after-sales service to get customers coming back to you.

Data Room’s Means of Protecting Information

The sophisticated algorithms behind VDR technology and the adaptive nature of artificial intelligence can bring significant benefits by dramatically redesigning operational processes, but these technologies create an environment in which securing guarantees must become an integral part of transaction processing. Moreover, the lack of standardization in such areas leads to diverging principles and recommendations.

Take a look at the main data room’s means of protecting information:

  • facilitate the identification and verification of clients when accepting services;
  • promote ongoing due diligence and scrutiny of transactions while maintaining business relationships;
  • facilitate other measures for customer due diligence; 
  • and facilitate the monitoring of transactions to identify and report suspicious transactions, and facilitate measures taken for overall risk management and the prevention of fraud.

In any case, it is up to each operator to decide whether to use the data room solutions or not. Here, it is probably worth making a reservation right away that it is clearly not required by any legislative action to do exactly as described in our sample information security policy. The document template contains rather the harshest and most depressing version. And then everyone decides for himself – where to loosen the nuts, and where to tighten even more. The respondents note that the current level of consumer demand remains at the same level, but the question of its practical implementation remains, which rests on the level of real disposable cash income and the development of the mortgage market. Moreover, the respondents were divided in their opinion regarding the possibility of demand growth in the context of project financing: 68% of respondents believe that demand will not grow.